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KORREKTUR: Europe from the periphery. Writing the Balkans back into the history of Jewish internationalism (nur ONLINE)

Montag, 25.10.2021

Donnerstag, 25. November | 18.00 Uhr (ONLINE)
Wir ersuchen Sie darum, sich für die Online-Teilnahme anzumelden: office.cjs(at)uni-graz.at

When one of the most vocal proponents of the Romanian cause in France wrote about the country at the end of the Crimean War, he described Romanians as
“a discovered nationality…lost at the end of Europe.” In contrast, the Balkans were very much on the radar of Jewish activists in Western Europe. The exclusion of their co-religionists from civil and political rights in several states in the Balkans was a thorn on their side in the second half of the nineteenth century. In some cases, it remained so well into the twentieth. Why were Jews in Western Europe so concerned about Jews in the Balkans? What do we learn about European Jewish history when we look at it from the viewpoint of this region?

Noëmie Duhaut is a member of the history department at the Leibniz Institute of European History in Mainz and currently holds the Karl-David-Brühl guest professorship at the Center for Jewish Studies of the University of Graz. Her research focuses on the history of Jews in modern Europe, Jewish politics, and international law. She received her PhD from University College London and has been awarded fellowships from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Posen Foundation, the Lady Davis Fellowship Trust at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Central European University, and Dartmouth College. Her work has appeared in Archives juives and French Historical Studies.


Eine Veranstaltung des Centrums für Jüdische Studien in Kooperation mit dem Profilbildenden Bereich „Dimensionen der Europäisierung“.

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